Unique As Orange

It is said that 'nothing rhymes with orange'!  Accordingly, a 'unique like orange' experience is what Thamar Abdu seeks to deliver for the benefit of each and every client.
What makes Thamar stand out as unique?
Well, although legal issues troublesome and discomforting, the showing compassion and understanding is where Thamar shines brightly with a colourful personality and by professionally demonstrating a positive cheeriness that, without belittling the seriousness of the legal matters in hand, are inspiring and as best as can be done given the circumstances focused on providing a calming effect.
The commitment to attentive and compassioned client care helps to deliver a sense of ease during difficult times.
So, when you need the attention and service that your legal matters deserve, get the 'unique as orange' approach.

Detailed Resolution Approach

Once there was a mother with two daughters.  A teenage daughter and a younger child.  Both wanted an orange; but, the Mom had only one orange to give.
"What if I cut the orange in half", asked the mother.
"No", stated the teenager, "I need a whole orange."
Similarly, "No" stated the child, "I need a whole orange".
The mother contemplated what to do.  What would be fair?  Perhaps neither should get the orange and I will have it thought the mother; but then, the mother had a better thought and asked, "Why do each of you want a whole orange?"
"I want the peel for orange bread" stated the teenager.
"I want orange juice" stated the younger child.
And so, the teenager received the peel and the child received the juice.  This is what happens when problems are fully carefully reviewed!

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